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Welcome to Figment and the work of British artist Claire Barrett. After many years as a commercial photographer in Los Angeles, Claire now has her home base in Savannah, GA.

“I’ve always had a very vivid imagination. I think a lot of it is due to my homeland being a place of myths and legends. My childhood was spent trying to conjure up the extraordinary…..listening for the footfall of soldiers in a ruined castle on a craggy clifftop, searching for fairies at the bottom of the garden or hoping for a glimpse through the fog of a viking ship approaching shore.

After living in the highly-charged energy and glamour of Los Angeles, I now live in a place that seems more akin to where my story began. Much like England, Savannah has an enchanted quality to it. Splashing fountains in lush cobbled squares, meandering rivers, a peek inside the antique shop window, tall tales of smugglers and ghosts. A place where anything might just be possible…if you believe in magic.

I’m a visual storyteller, and I feel compelled to make some of the images in my mind come to life. Children, especially, absolutely LOVE being part of the creations, they have so much fun playing their roles, and it’s a joy to see the wonder on their faces when they see themselves in the kind of world they can still imagine.“

Please contact Claire if you’d like to commission an art piece, and be sure to visit the shop!

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